09 Oct


I am afraid that we have been faced with a massive increase in electricity costs. From 17th November 2022 our electricity bill has gone up 655% !!!!  And that includes a 10% loyalty discount. Obviously the Government scheme has reduced that by about half but we have yet to hear from our suppliers about the standing costs and it is literally impossible to contact anyone at their call centre. So after Government aid, about a 340% rise in electricity costs. And gas for cooking has also massively increased. 

This has sadly impacted on Brendon and Sarah’s plans to run the bar and restaurant. With a huge increase in electricity and gas, and in the face of rising costs across the board, Brendon and Sarah have pulled out of opening the bar and restaurant in January. We totally understand this decision. We know that the current climate is affecting a lot of the hospitality industry across the board and opening up a new venture in this environment is extremely challenging. We are looking at ways of reducing our electricity bills such as installing solar panels, reducing the usage of power (such as running the waste treatment plant 3 hours on and 3 hours off instead of 24/7) and investing in some more efficient machinery.   

We will continue to talk to Brendon and Sarah but at the moment the bar and restaurant faces an uncertain future next year. We will keep you posted.