The Club has a range of mooring options: 34 Pontoon Moorings; 12 Trot Moorings (where you tie fore and aft to a buoy) ; 7 Swing moorings; and 27 Beach moorings.  In addition we have some kayak racks and storage space for small inflatables.  We do dry out at low tide but we are good 4 hours either side of high tide.  We are also very protected from the weather.  The Club offers Summer and Winter moorings.

For ease, photo or scan your filled out form and email photo to or return completed application to the address on the form.  

If you have any further questions please email or call Tom on 07798 824435

Beach Moorings

Moorings do not “belong” to members.  99% of the time, you will be offered the same mooring as the last season.  However as a last resort, we reserve the right to move your mooring because we are trying to accommodate different sized boats on our varying sized moorings and taking into account the physical attributes of all our members. 

17 Jan


Everyone with a mooring should have received an email from me about this coming Summer season. If you haven’t received a renewal email please do let me know asap. Many thanks for those that have already paid and sent in the forms – much appreciated. Paperwork and payment needs to be in no later than 29th Feb – yes it’s a Leap Year. And if you already know you DON’T want a mooring, please do let me know asap so that I can offer it to others before they have found something else. 

We have a couple of trot/swing moorings available. The beach is full. And we have one inside space on the pontoon just below the clubhouse. This  is only good for a smaller boat like a Dory or smallish sailing boat. Unlike the 17ft minimum that applies to the other pontoon moorings, here you only pay for the actual size of the boat. Let me know if you might be interested.