21 Aug


It was a total delight to see the Regatta again at PN after a year off. We estimate some 350 people attended with lots of kids and teenagers – we had 60+ people in the fun race all trying to collect a duck and get it back to the quay without oars. There is a report on the Port Navas website (portnavas.com) along with lots of photos and a few video clips. The whole thing was made possible by the work of the committee and a great group of volunteers – so if you want to be a new volunteer next year, just email me at admin@pnyc.co.uk .  

Next year’s PN Regatta is set for Saturday 23rd July – start time tbc.  

The only casualty of The Regatta was the ladies loo at the club. We had to destroy the cleverly constructed boxing to get access to it so while the loo now works again, there’s some work that needs to be done to get it back to normal.  Aaaagh!