16 Nov


The Children’s Sailing Trust has 5 Regatta rowing dinghies.  These are used by the trust for younger kids when the wind is too strong for their modern sailing dinghies. They are also used by Port Navas and Durgan Regattas each year and are a great help in providing a standard rowing boat that can be used by anyone wanting to take part in a race. 

They need a bit of TLC.  There are some wooden parts that need to be replaced or repaired; the old varnish needs to be removed and repainted; they need to be anitfouled and painted inside; some of the oars need attention; and we would like to rig up a system for the Regattas to take an old Oppie rudder so that the kids can use these rudders rather than an oar.  

We are looking for some volunteers. The aim is to do the work in the late Spring but we would love to get an idea of who might be able to spare a day or two. One option is to work on the boats at Henry Collins’ Farm at Calamansac where the Trust have a shed and access to power. However, if someone wanted to work on one boat themselves this could be an option.  

One final “ask” is whether anyone has any inside storage for the 5 boats for the Winter – November to May each year from next year. When stacked side by side they take up a space of a large trailer.