Clean Ocean Sailing

We are delighted to announce that on behalf of all the members of PNYC, we have become a patron to Clean Ocean Sailing for the next three years. COS (Clean Ocean Sailing) is a small organisation based on board a 1908 Danish sailing ship, Annette, which is moored at Gweek – see above. Run by Steve and Monika (Steve on the left of the group shot and Monika kneeling down with their son, Simon), this local organisation is committed to cleaning up and recycling rubbish found on The Helford, The Fal and our local beaches, including The Scillies.  They are a passionate team who work with volunteers to get things done and to make a difference. Any support we can give is much appreciated. COS has recently appeared on a number of TV shows including but not limited to Spotlight!

Since December 2017 COS have removed 35,328 individual pieces of rubbish from our waters and the coastline. Steve and Monica continually work with volunteers, doing trips to local beaches to collect and recycle. For instance, at the end of February they did 10 Beaches in 10 Days from Annette.  Steve has also been almost single handedly removing some of the wrecks at Anna Maria Creek which is really welcome.

COS are always looking for volunteers: to help on cleanups; to sort and deliver collected material for recycling; to work on restoring Annette; with social media; with making films and writing articles; and with talking to businesses to help them become plastic free. Their aim is to use sail, rowing and paddling to remove rubbish from inaccessible parts of the waterline.  Finally they co-ordinate this activity with researchers and other activists to help drive change in mankind’s impact on nature. 

You can find out more at: or on Facebook at

Later this year we plan to organise a talk and a fund-raiser quiz with Steve at PNYC.  

Meanwhile, if you see any larger pieces of flotsam or rubbish that you can’t deal with (especially fishing nets and ropes) you are invited to take a picture and, using the app what3words (which will geolocate the flotsam to a 3 square metre location) you can send a link to COS and they will log your find and arrange for recovery.   

If any of you wish to volunteer to help (in any way and with any skill – for instance social media and marketing skills would be welcome), please send me an email and I will forward that to Steve and Monika. One member has already very kindly offered to help with their accounting – thank you Graeme!