18 Mar


I have turned to youtube and my limited DIY skills to replace the wooden fencing in front of the staff car parking which Peter Goad put up. This fencing also had two canoe racks which have fallen apart over the years.  With limited knowledge, I am a firm believer in having lots of tools to make up for a lack of knowledge.  Not sure that works though….

Started off badly,  I measured out where I wanted the centre of the new kayak rack to be – 6 ft from the end for a 12ft kayak – and then marked that point.  Next I marked two and half feet from the centre on each side where I needed to put my first two posts.  Having done that, I then put up the first post.  Went really well.  But then I realised that I had put the post on my centre mark, not on the two marks either side. So down came the first post.  Now have three posts up, halfway way through. Will report back next week….