04 Jul


Well…… apologies for such a long delay in getting out a newsletter. It’s been way too long. And with a lot of rain in between.  

We have been busy painting everything after a very late start due to the constant bad weather. We’re going Cobalt Blue and White this year. 

Almost all the boats are now in the for the Summer. We have a few trot moorings, one swing mooring and one double kayak space still available should anyone be tempted to put something on the water.  

I must really apologise for the slowness of getting membership cards to everyone.  I will send out an email by Monday 8th July to EVERYONE who has kindly paid for 2024. Cards will be left for members behind the bar with Melissa. If you have paid and you don’t get that email by next Monday, or if you just feel like emailing me as a reminder, then please do so.

We appreciate every member whose kind contribution goes entirely towards maintaining The Club. 

On that note, if there is anyone out there who would be willing to help us do the membership side of the club I would be most grateful. Turns out I am really useless at doing this efficiently. We have set up GoCardless which in theory makes things much easier. It would involve keeping a simple database of members and membership payments and then making sure membership cards are left behind the bar for collection.