17 Feb

Join PNYC for 2022 !

If you are a returning member, just email admin@pnyc.co.uk saying JOIN – SAME DETAILS and we’ll register you. 

If you’d like to become a PNYC social member for 2022 you can download a membership form, fill it out and email a scan or photo of the form to admin@pnyc.co.uk

Download membership form

Membership costs £25 per adult for the calendar year.  Payment can be made online: PNYC Ltd, Lloyds Banks, 30-80-48, 51425568. Or cheques/cash can be left at the club or posted to Helland House, Treverva, Penryn, TR10 9BP. 

We are indebted to all our members, boat and social, because with their help we are able to improve the club for everyone. This year, with your kind help, we plan to create a covered bar area along the water side of the clubhouse as well as re-decking the final pontoons and improving the car park lighting.  Members get 10% off their alcoholic drinks, this dodgy newsletter, the right to fly the club burgee and our eternal thanks!