09 Sep


We have decided to change the membership fee for next year, increasing it to £25 for the year. This reflects the fact that, at £15, it costs almost £2 a year in postage just to send out application forms and then membership cards to each member.  I hope that this is acceptable.  Mooring prices will not change for 2021 with the exception of charges for kayaks, paddleboards and inflatables which will be tweaked.  
We have also made the decision to change the structure of memberships slightly for 2021.  There will now be three kinds of membership:   

  • Mooring Members (ie people who pay to moor their boats with us) will pay £25 to become members.  You must be a member to keep a boat at The Club. They may, in addition, launch kayaks, paddle boards and other small boats as part of the their membership for no charge.  There will also be a Mooring Members rate for storing kayaks, paddle boards and inflatables to reflect the fact that they are already paying mooring fees.

At the moment, people can join the club for £15 for the year and then launch as much as they want.  This has led to an increase in traffic and parking.  So we are making the following changes:

  • Social Members will also pay £25 per adult in 2021 but as social members, they will not be permitted to launch kayaks, paddle boards and small boats from the slipway.  
  • Launching Members will be allowed to launch small craft as much as they want.  They can unload and load in the car park but must park in the village before going out on the water.  They will be charged £175 for the whole of the Summer Season or £125 for August to end of October. For Winter the charge will be £125.

Our aim is a) to reduce the traffic to the club of people just wanting to launch small craft b) charging them properly if they do want to do this.  The public slip in the village, of course, remains a free alternative.