09 Oct


While the Winter fees for 2022 remain unchanged, we are going to increase our mooring fees for Summer 2023 and onwards:

  • For the pontoon from £59 per foot or part thereof to £63.
  • For the trots from £36 per foot or part thereof to £38.50
  • For the beach for 10ft and under £250 to £300 for the Summer.
  • For the beach from 11ft to 16ft from £25 to £28 per or part thereof for the Summer.
  • For inflatables (not with moorings) from £250 to £300 for the Summer.   

This equates to a 7% increase for the pontoons and trots. The increase for beach moorings is greater but we are planning to lose two more spaces on the beach to give you all more room as people leave. The increase for 10ft and under and for inflatables is £50 but it still represents good value for a seven month season. Kayaks remain unchanged. 
With this in mind, if you know now that you want the same mooring again next summer (or if you don’t want it) it would be fabulous to know asap as we have waiting lists for all types of moorings. I won’t send forms out until next January and payment for the Summer will be due not later than 1st March 2023 – although earlier payment is much appreciated!