10 Apr


There will be the inevitable “mooring madness” at the start of the new season as boats move from Winter moorings to Summer Moorings and new members arrive.  We have 4 new pontoon members, 7 new trot & swing mooring members and 6 new boats on the beach – welcome to you all.  If you have a chance to let me know in advance when you are launching I will confirm that everything is ready for you – email admin@pnyc.co.uk or call me on 01326 340525.

All the trot and swing moorings have now been serviced by Seawide Services. If you do find your mooring occupied, please put your boat on the visitor pontoon mooring just underneath the club house or on the landing pontoon, let me know asap and I will sort it out for you. I apologise for any delay in getting your boats on the right mooring.
The stones holding the beach chain have all been pulled out of the mud.  We are getting a digger in next week to put a bigger stone at the Oyster Quay end and then all the stones will be buried in the mud.  That is at least the plan.  Will up-date you next week.

DIY channel markers are on their way to us – 50 litre pvc barrels that I can then spray red and green – thanks for the idea Peter Goad.  I hope to get them in place next week as well.