11 Mar


I sent an email round to chase some outstanding mooring payments AND/OR mooring paperwork and thank you to those who have responded. We need both.  Apologies for any confusion caused when I said that members could renew by just letting me know the details were the same.  This was just for membership, not for moorings as well.  With the mooring applications you need to sign Page 2 which states you have insurance.  We need this to make our insurance effective.   
Still a few people who either haven’t paid or haven’t sent in the paperwork.  I want to stop sending chasing emails and start painting the club!  

Seawide Services have laid down half the new trot ground chain and will return before the end of the month to finish the job. This has been a long planned exercise.  We are laying down a continuous single heavy-duty ground chain attached to three reclaimed granite blocks, one in the middle and one either end. This then allows us to move the riser chains around a bit to create trot spaces to suit the boats mooring along it.