05 Jul


Nare Point opened again on 25th May providing a watch keeping service 7 days a week from 09.00 to 17.00 covering the mouth of The Helford, Falmouth Bay and the Coastal Path. The 66 volunteer watch-keepers are now operating a full service inspite of having reduced volunteers and having to create a single-person watch rota due to Covid.  A large part of their funding comes from raising money from collection boxes, supermarket collections, grants from regattas etc – all of which have been effected by the impact of Covid.  In responce, NCI have set up their Nare Point 50-50 Club.  You can buy tickets and/or set up a standing order to support the NCI and in return there is a regular draw where 50% of the money raised can be won back in the form of three prizes.  For more details see www.nare.point.nci.org.uk