11 May

Now is the month of Maying…….

When merry lads are playing………so goes the old folk song. It is almost tempting to draw parallels with the comings and goings in Westminster…….but no, the month of May is more important in the culinary calendar as we now have the asparagus season in full bloom, new potatoes are arriving and crab and other shellfish start to appear again.

So, shrugging off a few of the more wintry menu items, I have made a few menu changes this week. Asparagus from Splattenridden Farm in Lelant – you couldn’t make up that name if you tried! – is served with a toasted slice of Da Bara focaccia and wild garlic mayonnaise.

Crab from Kernowsashimi, on the other side of the Helford river is served in a classic and simple dish of garlic and chilli in olive oil. I believe this dish originated in the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, home of the famous Harry’s Bar. You can enjoy this as a starter or a main course.

A recent article in the Times featured recipes from Jeremy King’s Wolesley restaurant in Piccadilly in London, and I was particularly taken by the baked vanilla cheesecake, so you can now sample that in the slightly less elegant PNYC yacht club! If you are feeling even more indulgent, then you will have to go for my triple chocolate (gluten free) brownie served with salted caramel icecream from Moomaid of Zennor, dressed with a little salted caramel sauce.

Diary note: we will be open for dinner on the last two Wednesdays of this month, 22nd and 29th May, as well as normal openings between Thursday and Saturday.

There are no big events planned for this month, but I am looking to run another of our famous brunches around the time of mid-summer. More details to follow shortly.

Hope to see you all soon

Mike & Nigel and the team.