18 Jul


Just a gentle reminder about parking.

We are, as we all know, extremely limited with the parking.  The Upper and Lower Deck flats are rented all the way through to the middle of September and they take up two spaces.  In addition, the bar and restaurant needs spaces for their customers from 3pm Tuesday through to Saturday inclusive.

At the moment, we say that pontoon and trot owners can park ONE car (including your guests) in the carpark whilst out on the water, subject to availability.
Please, please can I ask beach owners (and any pontoon and trot members that are willing to do the same!) to unload in the carpark and then park in the village before going out on the water.

I know that sometimes you can turn up just as there is enough water and the car park is empty.  But by the time the water is fully in, the car park is overflowing.
I am so sorry to hark on about this but it is an unsolvable problem.  The people who have rented the flats, and the bar and restaurant that needs customers (both members and visitors) to keep going, also rely on the few car parking spaces that we have.

Thank you.

PS  I now have an inkling of what it’s like to be a traffic warden.  Not great.