31 May


The Club was set up in 1958 as a Private Members Club.  Over the years, that was changed to allow Temporary Membership to visitors.  This system became more “flexible” and in the end Giles decided to stop the membership altogether for the last two years of his tenure at the Club.  When we took over 18 months ago, lots of people requested that the membership be re-instated.  We love the idea of a membership, creating a club feel.  But this has to be run alongside a policy of allowing members of the public to use the Bar and Restaurant (which our licence permits) particularly during the holiday season because without their patronage the Bar and Restaurant is, in our opinion, unsustainable.  The only downside of allowing members of the public to use the Bar and Restaurant is the limited parking.  But that has always been a problem and is just something we have to live with in exchange for having a Bar and Restaurant that can operate all year round.

Everyone who has a mooring at the Club is a member of PNYC.  Alongside that, we have Social Membership, which is purely voluntary.  You don’t have to be a member of the Club to use the Bar and Restaurant.  But if you would like to join the Club as a Social Member then that gives you the following:

  • Use of the facilities including access to the water
  • 10% off your alcoholic drinks at the Club with your card
  • Right to fly the Club Burgee
  • This newsletter
  • Occasional Club activities such as the Christmas Party
  • And our huge appreciation for your support in keeping the Club going!

Because of our size and limited parking, we don’t have a racing schedule or a flotilla or sailing lessons.  As a Londoner, I am just not qualified to organise any kind of racing (a volunteer to organise one club race a year would be welcomed with open arms and given as much support as we can).  But we hope that the modest annual subscription of £15 is reflective of that.  Helford River Sailing Club does all the above brilliantly well but membership is £11 to join and then £145 a year.  Mylor is £128 per year.  Royal Cornwall is £75 entry and up to £309 a year.

The members subscription is used to help us improve the Club for everyone.  Over the last 18 months we have brought the loos and shower into the 21st Century; replaced the holding tank with a brand new, environmentally friendly treatment plant; repaired and improved the beach wall; and made improvements (just a start) to the pontoons.  Looking forward we plan to re-open the ladies and create a covered outside eating “bar” along the length of the clubhouse.

Parking is a problem but it is something that we just have to live with and somehow it seems to work out – thanks in part to your patience and understanding.  As we now move into the busy Summer season, unless you have a pontoon or trot mooring, please do not leave your car in the car park when you go out on the water – please park in the village. And only one car per boat.  The two flats in Quay House are now rented almost continuously until the end of the Summer and they require one space each.

If you have any thoughts about more that we could do for members, we would be happy to hear them on admin@pnyc.co.uk

Tom and Ant