17 Feb

PNYC Racing Captain Flies To Rescue

It has come to our notice that our lovely Race Captain, Rob Templeton (4th in from the left), hit the Falmouth Packet headlines with a dramatic helicopter sea rescue a few weeks ago.  On 24th January, while out on a training flight, the RNAS Culdrose based Merlin heard a garbled radio distress message from a capsized kayaker in Coverack. The helicopter was only 5 minutes away and Rob was already kitted up to go down on the winch for an exercise.

“This was actually the first time I’ve ever done this” said Lt Rob Templeton to the Falmouth Packet, “It was a team effort and we all worked well to make sure that it had a successful outcome.”  Matt Rogers, Team Leader at The Maritime & Rescue Coordination Centre in Falmouth said: “It is a great example of how we operate as one big team when it comes to search and rescue – the navy crew were happy to offer their services and we were happy to receive them.”

In replying to my excited email, Rob wrote, “It wasn’t very daring, poor guy had fallen out while fishing….”.  Rob has turned down my offer of promotion to Racing Commodore at the time of writing. But well done Rob and the crew.