09 Sep


The last two “thin” fingers have been widened to three planks.  I was hoping to get this finished early on in the season, so am delighted that it has finally been done as we draw towards the end of the season.  Almost “drectly”.  
For the observant amongst you, you might have noticed that there are three types of planking on the pontoon.  Very Old.  Very New And Sturdy.  And Quite New But Thin. The QNBT planking was suggested as a better alternative by our wood suppliers.  But because it is thinner, it has turned out not to be so robust. I have made a number of plinths out of this QNBT planking on which I have put cleats and rings. But now it is starting to split.  So I will be replacing all of this with VNAS planking plinths.  You live and learn. 

We have increased our kayak storage from one to six this summer with the addition of racks on the pontoon but we don’t plan to have any more because we want kids to still be able to crab between the wall and the pontoons.