08 Jan


This remains £25 for the year.  I will email all our social members with a form and the bank details, which are the same – PNYC Ltd, Lloyds, 30-80-48, 51425568.  I will add an option on the email where you just have to tick, same details as last year, and I will fill in your form for you and send out membership cards without you having to do the form yourself.

We really appreciate the help that you, the members, give in supporting us to improve the club for everyone. Last year we were able to do the following; re-plaster the front of the clubhouse; relay the surface in front of the clubhouse and the seating area; put the roofing up over the seating area; re-deck two of the pontoons; instal new sockets and a light on the beach wall; replace some of the outside lighting; re-cover all the benches in the clubhouse and improve the lighting inside; and as a club, we supported Clean Ocean Sailing. This year, with your help, we plan to improve the outside seating areas further and to put up a roofed area on the pontoon side of the clubhouse with a long bar-style table with 15 bar stools so that you can sit overlooking the pontoon and the water while enjoying your drink and food. We will also be putting up some new lamps in the car park asap to improve the lighting.