30 Jan


You can join for 2023 by emailing admin@pnyc.co.uk and if your details are the same just add SAME DETAILS. Annual membership remains £25
Port Navas Yacht Club Ltd, Lloyds Bank, 30-80-48, Acc No. 51425568
Ant and I, with the kind help of Fran, Mike, Nigel and a small group of Bar Volunteers for Saturday nights, will keep the place open three nights a week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday – until the end of April. 
We realise that the bar and restaurant is at the centre of the club and, as I write, we don’t have tenants in place from May. We are actively reaching out on various websites etc to find a suitable tenant. The tenancy doesn’t come with accommodation and therefore we need to find tenants who are based locally in Cornwall. We are hopeful that we can find the right tenants as it’s a great opportunity – to earn a reasonable income (especially in the Summer), work part-time either side of the Summer and have the option to take 2/3/4 months off every Winter (when Ant and I can run a reduced schedule). It’s also a beautiful place to work and we are lovely landlords!
If you would rather defer your membership until we have new tenants, we totally understand.