04 Apr


The new Summer Season has arrived. Along with occasional flurries of snow and sleet!  

Many thanks to the Winter beach yachts who have all returned to their Summer moorings. Lovely to have you over the Winter.  The beach is now empty and I have put out orange line to mark out the running lines.  Please use SINKING line (which makes it easier for others to get in and out) and please remember to put a bucket over any outboard to protect it and other boats.  

With regards to the pontoon, it might take a little longer to get everyone into their correct place as we still have a couple of Winter boats with us. But there is space for everyone who wants to get on now – just let me know you are coming and we will sort out a place, even if it is not your full time Summer mooring. Should be all sorted by the end of this week.  

We are waiting for Seawide Services to service all the swing moorings. I have serviced the trot moorings.  Please remember that there are lines between all the navy blue trot moorings with yellow pick up buoys, so try not to cross them or you will get caught up. There is no line over the channel just to the stern of Mivvy, the lovely black Mk1 Crabber.  New navy blue trot buoys are on order to replace the motley collection of 4-5 mixed buoys that we had to use last year – it was impossible to get new ones last year due to Covid and supply issues.  

Mivvy looking splendid.  

Early commendations to Kurt and Lucy’s Mivvy and Reece and Emma’s Otter for their immaculate condition! And a mention for Dan’s Faith too. Our two boats, needless to say, are not working at present.