08 Feb


So something very strange is happening with our bins. Firstly, one entire bin has simply disappeared!  The Lower Deck bin, which was cleverly marked “Lower Deck”,  has vanished. I have checked the small bit of land behind the bins and in the river and it isn’t there. Then to cap things off, BOTH padlocks on the other two bins refused to open and had to be cut off and replaced. One member with a small tender, who used to torment me by parking in the car park both when he didn’t have a mooring with us and then when he did, has promised (jokingly) to find new ways to test our patience – but I don’t think this is his work (CINK NOTDAL).  

  On the positive side, Dilys found The Old Kiln house keys in the village after a guest had dropped them from his car.  So swings and roundabouts.