30 Jan


We opened the bar last week after a couple of weeks off and unfortunately found two leaks. These can be added to the leak in the gents. The roof, which Brian Roper says is the same roof that was put on the clubhouse when it was built in the 70’s, might be giving up the ghost. I have spread some moss killer over the roof to remove that and then we’ll take a closer look at the roof.   
As reported in the last newsletter, we have committed to fitting solar panels on the roof in order to reduce to some extent the terrible electricity bill. They are en-route from China – like so many things! But it would seem foolish to put solar panels onto a leaking roof that might need work. We have two roofing people coming to have a look. Of course, we don’t know what we’ll find under those rather lovely concrete corrugated sheets, including the state of the roof beams. What we do know is that the whole clubhouse is incredibly draughty and lacking in insulation. We will keep you posted.