02 May

The darling buds of May

Well, in my book, there is only one darling bud of May and that is English asparagus. It has been around for a couple of weeks from the sheltered Wye Valley, but this week has seen the arrival of the Cornish crops. A little thick at times for my liking, but I can live with that. Married to a vibrant green mayonnaise flavoured with wild garlic, I can think of nothing more spring like.

The weather is always a major factor in determining what produce is available and with fairly frequent storms off our coast, fush stocks have been very erratic recently, so we may see alterations to the menu on an almost daily basis.

Given the swing in the weather again this weekend to a cold northerly breeze, I am keeping the heart warming duck confit with shallot and pomegranate sauce and the pork belly and cannellini bean dishes on for at least this weekend

I have been doing work on new dishes for the summer menus, so watch this space…..but not quite ready yet.

There are tables available all weekend, so pleae drop me a line or call the club if you would like a table.

There are no big events planned for this month, but I am looking to run another of our famous brunches around the time of mid-summer. More details to follow shortly.

Hope to see you all soon

Mike & Nigel and the team.