03 Jul

This is how it is!

We have decided to serve twin markets as we go on to the next exciting stage of lockdown lottery. There are a good number of you who are tentative about going out to dine and there are some who cannot wait. We have therefore decided that we will continue to do a weekly takeaway, initially on Thursdays, and we will open a restricted restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays. These are temporary arrangements which may change at any time.

The menu for the takeaway will now be published on Monday morning and orders will be taken from 8am. A similar menu, with a few tweaks will then be used in the restaurant over the weekend.

I am afraid there are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to by both us and you in order to safeguard both us, our staff and you, the customers.

There are 5 tables available to book in the restaurant and three tables available to book outside.

In the restaurant we can take three tables of two people only alongside the window with partitioning between them. There is a further table at the far end of the room and a table in the bar area which can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 people from a maximum of two households. Only diners with a reservation will be admitted to the inside areas.

The three tables outside can seat a maximum of 6 people from numerous households. 

At all times, at all tables, both food and drink can only be ordered through a member of staff, and payment will be taken at the table, not in the bar.

In addition to these tables there are two small seating areas accessed from either end of the site which can be used by drinkers.

In order to maintain social distancing of two metres there will be markings laid on the ground outside. Within the building we can reduce this to one metre+ through mitigation. Staff will wear face coverings to protect themselves and you at this closer level.

There will be hand sanitising stations at each of the toilets and inside the restaurant entrance. Everybody must use them.

We cannot allow any congregating in pinch points at the site, so please use common sense and listen to any instructions from staff members regarding your safety.

We are told by Government, albeit with scant detail, that we will be required to take and keep personal data from all customers. There will be no slackening of this requirement and failure to comply will result in a refusal of service. Sorry! Members must bring their membership cards with them please.

Finally, in the unlikely event that we should experience inclement weather, tables booked outside may be subject to cancellation at short notice. Shelter cannot be taken inside.

We will endeavour to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Many thanks for your continued support. For reservations please call the restaurant on 01326 340065 or Nigel’s mobile 07779712457.

Mike & Nigel