30 Nov

Winter takes a holiday!

As I sit writing this at home, the sparrows in the garden don’t know whether they are coming or going! In and out of my neighbours eaves, they seem to be nesting again in the warmer weather, presumably convinced that spring has arrived again. Oh well, they will need to start looking for an ark tomorrow!

This time of year is a great one for the kitchen, new products to think about as the seasons change, so I am beginning to read a lot more and look for new ideas for the menu. I was doing a series of recipes at home this week using a Crown Prince Squash that my brother had grown. One of the recipes had roasted squash and red onion atop a pasta, orzo, with leeks and chestnut mushrooms. I liked it so much, I have adapted it for a new hake dish which is now on the menu.

I have also been reading a book by the Lincolnshire based Indian cook, Meera Sodha, from which I have picked a couple of dishes: mushroom and walnut samosas and a Keralan vegetable curry dish which is light and bright! Sunshine on a plate for darker days.

The menu has been trimmed slightly to allow for quieter days and can be previewed on the website.

Christmas – we plan to open as normal (ie Thursday Friday Saturday evenings ) over the Christmas fortnight with one important exception – we will closed on Saturday 22nd but open on the following evening – Sunday 23rd. We suggest you book early for all sessions over the Christmas New Year holiday. We will be closed New Years Eve unless someone can convince us otherwise.  We are not promoting pre-Christmas party nights but are open to any private party ideas if you (and us!) think the Club is the right place to hold it.

Hope to see you all soon

Mike & Nigel