18 Aug

A right pair of tarts!

That’s no way to talk about Mike and Nigel! Well, really it is about a pair of tarts not about a couple of dodgy old boys running the club!

Mike has tried, with some degree of success, to present pastry dishes using the limited equipment at hand. But try as he might, he has hankered after some decent tartlet tins, and they arrived this week. Coincidentally, our friends Kevin and Carolle presented us with a batch of delicious fresh figs from their garden in Seworgan, so this has given Mike the opportunity to introduce a new starter to the menu and to revise the presentation of the cherry tart on the desserts section.

The fig and onion tart above is in a savoury pastry case, topped with Boy Laity cheese.

The restaurant is pretty busy for the rest of the month, so it is advisable to check by phone for availability.

The summer season is coming to a close and Mike is looking forward to a bit of sailing on a Tuesday evening. Managed to do three days in Falmouth Week, but seems to have been pretty happy to get out of the windy conditions for a few days too!

We will no longer be open on Tuesdays after next week (21st August)

Hope to see you soon.

Mike & Nigel