The Club has a range of mooring options: 34 Pontoon Moorings; 12 Trot Moorings (where you tie fore and aft to a buoy) ; 7 Swing moorings; and 27 Beach moorings.  In addition we have some kayak racks and storage space for small inflatables.  We do dry out at low tide but we are good 4 hours either side of high tide.  We are also very protected from the weather.  The Club offers Summer and Winter moorings.

For ease, photo or scan your filled out form and email photo to or return completed application to the address on the form.  

If you have any further questions please email or call Tom on 07798 824435

Beach Moorings
16 Nov


A collective thanks to everyone for a pretty smooth transition from Summer to Winter.  And congrats to Andy Bennett for his beautiful beach mooring set-up…a hand made cradle…

…and the commitment to dive around the boat to check everything was good. He is available for hire I believe!