11 Sep

And breathe…….

The autumnal feel to the weather coincided perfectly with the end of the school holidays and suddenly our roads and beaches are half empty; time to take stock and breathe more easily. We have now reverted to off-season opening hours – open from 6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

With the season change there will be gradual tweaks to Mike’s menu as time goes on, so keep an eye on the website for the latest incarnation. For example, there will be a new hake dish on the menu this week with braised lentils and a black olive crust, plum bread and butter pudding which was introduced last week and a new beetroot starter are all moving into the warmer and richer autumnal flavours and styles.

Nigel is on his holliers for the next ten days, so Helen and my girls, Grace and Amelia,  will be looking after you out front along with Jess, Jake and Jules.

We are fullly booked on Saturday – sorry – but still have space on Thursday and Friday.

Hope to see you soon.

Mike & Nigel (in absentia!)