06 Jan


We have undertaken some work on the wall in the bar area in an attempt to kill the draft monster that lurked in the corner.  Having peeled away the thin garden cladding we have re-wired the interesting collection of wires that we found (a professional electrician not me!), put in insulation, sprayed insulation foam liberally around and then fixed pine boards re-cycled from The Old Kiln and which match the front of the bar itself.  

I bought a second hand mitre saw on Ebay for the job.  It arrived with instructions from the vendor to put the new blade included in the box onto the saw. This I duly did, with the front label logically at the front of the saw and I then started cutting the pine boards. It worked but created huge clouds of smoke and a terrible noise. Not great. I thought I’d bought a pup. Until a kind passer-by pointed out that I had the blade on backwards. But what a difference it made. It was like a hot knife through already melted butter.  I absolutely love my new second hand electric saw.

Nigel has kindly pointed out that the brass screws are quite shiny at the moment but, like all of us, they will dim with age!  
We have also replaced the two radiators in the dinning room.