10 Oct


With 3 weeks left of the Summer Season, just a gentle reminder to all boat owners that moorings need to be cleared by 31st October. However, if you want to extend your stay, we can offer the cheapest Winter moorings on The Helford!  

We have some pontoon spaces for the Winter and have done away with the minimum size of 17ft for the Winter.  It’s £28.50 per foot or part thereof on the pontoon for five months – 1st November to 31st March 2021.  The trot and swing moorings are £18 per foot and the beach is £15 per foot.  We have two new 30ft + boats wintering on the beach this year in addition to the yachts of Geoff Dandy and Pete Osman so I’ll need to ask those on the beach not staying for the Winter to take their boats off by Saturday 31st October.  

If you fancy a winter mooring and making the best of those lovely Winter and early Spring days on the comparatively empty Helford, drop us an email – admin@pnyc.co.uk   Equally, we are happy to discuss “early starts” if people want to put their boats on the pontoon or on a mooring in February/March (this would be a monthly fee based on our Winter Rates).