07 Dec


Will remain £25 per adult for the year.  We are so grateful to all our members – boat members and social members alike.  100% of the membership fees goes back into the club to allow us to maintain and improve it.  We value every kind contribution. And this year we sport new kitchen equipment, a new roof and a new outside covered terrace, made possible in part by you, our kind members.  

I put my hands up to say that I was very poor at getting many membership cards out on time this year. We took the decision not to post them (due to the cost) and decided to leave them behind the bar for collection. We have been left with some 30-40 un-collected cards.  Next year we will leave cards for Cornish based members behind the bar (emailing them to tell them they are there as per this year) and will post cards to everyone living across the border 

The best way to join is through GoCardless. Click onto right link below (based on the number of memberships you want) and they will send you a set-up email asking you to confirm that you have set up an account. Then every January you will get an email asking you to approve or opt out of the annual membership fee.  I then get a confirmation of your automatic payment and can send out cards. Here are the links to do this with GoCardless.  

If you have already done this, YOU DO NOTHING NOW UNTIL YOU GET AN EMAIL IN JANUARY asking you to accept a renewal of membership for 2024..