29 Jan


Much to Ant’s satisfaction, we are going to re-decorate and then re-open the ladies loo by April – slightly hedging my bets by not saying whether the beginning or the end of April.  Interestingly it has not just been the ladies asking for their own loo.  Apparently a number of gentlemen don’t like enjoying the facilities only to find a lady patiently waiting outside wondering whether the seat has been put down!  

We are also going to tidy up the area immediately in front of the clubhouse by the entrance, including replacing the decking steps with a large piece of granite from The Old Kiln to create a new door step into the club. 

And as reported in earlier newsletters, we are extending the pontoon by adding one additional section onto the clubhouse end and adding on four new finger pontoons.  In addition, we will be replacing 12 of the pontoon floats – 6 at the slip end and 6 at the clubhouse end.  This is part of an ongoing 2-3 year plan of refurbishing the pontoons.  

Finally, I will be spreading paint liberally in all directions.