07 Feb


With Seawide Services we are replacing all the trots and swing moorings this year. While the timing might be better, this investment has been on the cards for a couple of years as the lifespan of the existing stones was coming to an end.  

We managed to remove all but four stones whose eyebolts parted. These stones can now have new eyebolts put on them and then be re-used.  The suction of the mud was truly amazing and it took some careful pulling to get them out of the mud.  The next step will be to drop a single length of very heavy chain from Trot 1 to Trot 15.  The chain will be linked to three of the biggest granite stones, one at each end and a third at the “turning” point of the chain where it bends round.  We can then fit the 15 riser chains and buoys at any point along the large chain, rather than having the riser chains fixed to the location of each stone.  This will allow us the flexibility to choose the widths of the trots from time to time. We also removed a number unsightly old car tyres which had been used as markers for the stone.  We’ll use some of the recovered granite stones to replace the swing moorings which have tyres filled with concrete.