25 Mar


Rain, rain and yet more rain. Never known a February-March that has been so consistently wet. So far we have been unable to wield a paint-brush to remove the green stains everywhere. And I don’t believe any of the Winter moorings have been able to anti-foul their boats. But at least the clocks are changing on Sunday and the daffodils are out.

The Winter Season ends on 31st March so please make sure that you have vacated your moorings for the people who have rented Summer Moorings from 1st April. Please email me – admin@pnyc.co.uk – if you think you might have any problems.

There will be the inevitable 10 day transition between Winter and Summer Moorings so I would ask that you kindly bear with us while boats are moved off and boats arrive for their Summer Moorings. We will have space for ALL those that want to get on the water asap but it might take a few days to get everyone on the right moorings – again, any issues, please email me. With regards the beach, the tides aren’t very high until about the 7th/8th April so the two larger won’t be off until then. I will set out the beach as best as I can and will be in contact with all those on the beach who might be effected – we can always find you temporary spaces on the pontoon until those larger boats have gone if you want to get on the pontoon from 1st April.