08 Feb


The Management must apologise for the ongoing works in the car park. After an initial promise that the main tank would be in not later than 18th January, we are now told that this will be completed on Friday 9th February or Monday 12th February.  And just to add to the chaos (and contrary to what was agreed with the contractors) work is simultaneously carrying on on the treatment plant for Quay House.  The cess pit that was eventually uncovered turned out to be three times bigger than the “accurate-to-point-one-of-a-millemetre” laser measurements and now the huge hole, with the treatment plant, has to be back filled.  Thanks to Mike and Nigel for their forebearance and to Matt and Jack who are actually doing the work.  On Monday they are repairing the hole in the car park and will be closing it for 3 days to allow it to dry – the gate will be closed to cars.  Could you please not park in the car park for this period but the Club is still open.  Thank you.