28 Mar


With new tenants now in place, we are inviting all of our marvellous Social Members to renew their membership which remains at £25 per adult. We have set up a new standing order system via GoCardless and thank you to all those that have already signed up. This will allow you to set up a standing order and it will give you notice of the payment and time to cancel it, if you wish, each year. But once set up, it should all be automatic.  

There have been a few teething problems and we apologise to all those caught up in that. We have now added an SSL (whatever that is) to our website which will stop the warning messages that some early adopters have had. And I would like to let you know that when you set it up, it can take a few hours before you get an email from GoCardless confirming that you have set it up. Don’t be tempted to try again straight away as a couple of people have set it up twice (although it is easy to cancel as well).  So:

For ONE Social Membership go here:

For TWO Social Memberhhips go here:

For THREE Social Memberships go here:

For FOUR Social Memberships go here:

You can also do it the old fashioned way and download a form on the Home Page of our website under Membership Application 2023: