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16 Nov


The Bar and Restaurant is open on the following days in December:

  • Open 9th and 11th December as normal and tables available. 10th December the restaurant is fully booked for a Christmas Party but the bar will be open to the Friday drinking club from 5.30 to 7pm.
  • Open 16th and 17th December as normal with tables available. 18th December the restaurant is fully booked for a private party but bar will be open from 5.30 to 7pm.
  • Closed 23rd, 24th and 25th December. 
  • Open Thursday 30th December with tables available. 
  • And open Friday 31st December for a special New Year’s Eve dinner to see you through to 2022.  There are three tables still available.  
  • Closed 1st January 2022.

If you want to hold a private Christmas Party or Office Party in December at the Club please contact nigel@pnyc.co.uk to discuss.  

16 Nov


From Nigel:

With Christmas coming up we thought it would be fun to offer a few of our favourite PNYC Wines of the Year at normal retail prices. Despite being out of the wine trade for nearly four years we still have useful contacts with some of our old key suppliers. 

Nigel has 8 wines on offer with a 5% discount on orders of 12 bottles and over before 7th December.  Wines can be delivered to you locally but in this instance the discount will not apply to cover delivery.  For a list of wines and the prices email nigel@pnyc.co.uk

16 Nov


We have finished painting the dining room.  Hopefully it’s a bit fresher than it was. What the painting has done is make the swirly carpet stand out even more!  The carpet is going and will be replaced with a wooden floor – probably in the New Year.  We are also adding a little more lighting to the dining area so that you can see better who you’re sitting with. That obviously has some pros and cons.  FYI – the lights will be fitted with a dimmer switch so you’ll be able to ask for the lights to be turned down if you wish to eat in obscurity. 

16 Nov


The Children’s Sailing Trust has 5 Regatta rowing dinghies.  These are used by the trust for younger kids when the wind is too strong for their modern sailing dinghies. They are also used by Port Navas and Durgan Regattas each year and are a great help in providing a standard rowing boat that can be used by anyone wanting to take part in a race. 

They need a bit of TLC.  There are some wooden parts that need to be replaced or repaired; the old varnish needs to be removed and repainted; they need to be anitfouled and painted inside; some of the oars need attention; and we would like to rig up a system for the Regattas to take an old Oppie rudder so that the kids can use these rudders rather than an oar.  

We are looking for some volunteers. The aim is to do the work in the late Spring but we would love to get an idea of who might be able to spare a day or two. One option is to work on the boats at Henry Collins’ Farm at Calamansac where the Trust have a shed and access to power. However, if someone wanted to work on one boat themselves this could be an option.  

One final “ask” is whether anyone has any inside storage for the 5 boats for the Winter – November to May each year from next year. When stacked side by side they take up a space of a large trailer.  

16 Nov


A collective thanks to everyone for a pretty smooth transition from Summer to Winter.  And congrats to Andy Bennett for his beautiful beach mooring set-up…a hand made cradle…

…and the commitment to dive around the boat to check everything was good. He is available for hire I believe!

16 Nov


We are offering PNYC polo shirts for men and ladies in a large range of colours (£31 + postage) and thick weave sweatshirts (£35 + postage); and finally a baseball cap with embroidered logo (£25 + postage).  See members page for more information. Or email admin@pnyc.co.uk 

16 Nov


The ideal Christmas present while supporting the local community.  There are 35 calendars left. They are £10 a copy plus 50p for an A3 envelope if you want to post it to a friend for Christmas.  The profit all goes to the Village Hall.  Please contact annfrost19@gmail.com  

28 Oct


It’s been coming all year, but Sunday is the end of the Summer Season.  Can all Summer Season boat owners remove their boats by Sunday as we are pretty full this Winter and we are going to need the space.  We have 5 yachts wintering on the beach (two 32ft plus boats are coming in on Sunday) and most of the pontoons are taken with just a few spaces left if you are interested.  If you know you won’t be off by Sunday and it’s matter of a couple of days, please drop me an email or give me a call but otherwise charges will be made.  

28 Oct


From The Children’s Sailing Trust:  “We’re finalists in the Building Futures competition from Persimmon Homes to win £100,000. It’s an incredible amount of money and would ensure we can continue our life-affirming watersports opportunities for Cornwall’s young people, something that costs us over £160,000 per year to run.

So whilst brushing your teeth. After feeding the dog. As the kettle is boiling. Whenever you choose to vote each day, make it your #CSTTime and please ping us your vote every 24 hours. Thank you so much!”

Go here and follow the links:

28 Oct


Thanks to our membership fees, we have been able to re-cover the seats and stools in the clubhouse with new blue leatherette. No-one has so far commented so we’ll take that as a positive that we haven’t drastically changed the character of the club!  

28 Oct


Cornish Shrimper, Crevette. 19ft, 1980, Sail No.23. Re-varnished mast and boom 2020 and all new rigging.  Some new stainless steel fixings.  Currently on Pontoon No.26 so viewing available. £9,000 ONO.

05 Oct

PNYC Black Rock Race

It happened!  After a seven year pause and inspite of dire weather warnings of Force 11 winds a couple of days before the race, our Black Rock challenge took place on Saturday. We had 12 hearty boat crews ranging from a classic gaffer to a 26ft racing catamaran to a 44ft modern Jeanneau. The plan was to start from a line just off Durgan and then race via the August Rock buoy, around the Black Rock and back again to the finish line.  

True to form, all three of our current boats wouldn’t start.  Simon Boote kindly allowed us to use his boat and that wouldn’t start either. Luckily Iain McLaren came up trumps with his small tender with which we could time the starts, while he kindly provided his big rib as the safety boat. So one crisis over. 

When Ant and I got to the start line, there was not even a hint of wind.  With three classes of boats, we grandly started the Sprat Class of four yachts. 

Dragun (Charles Richardson) got away, somehow, but the other four spent an hour making almost no progress.  And in the case of our gallant Race Captain, they went backwards and never managed to cross the start line for an hour until they resorted to their engine!!!  It was pretty much the same for the next two classes of boats, Pilchard and Mackerel Classes – so crisis number two.  After another half an hour barely moving from the start line, the decision was made to allow everyone to motor to the August Rock and then to start the race from there – with the exception of Dragun who led the race out into Falmouth Bay under sail all the way.  

Another 45 minutes of no wind at August Rock followed by 95% of the PNYC racing fleet milling around like a flock of birds flying round in circles waiting for one bird to decide on which way to go. I contemplated cancelling due to lack of any motion (with the sole exception of Dragun) but was assured by Rob that the wind would come.  And low and behold, some two hours plus into the race the wind arrived.  

What followed was a cracking race to, round and back from The Black Rock in a steady Force 5-6 wind with the two catamarans, Lindy and Mirri, and Dragunleading the way and Cicada bravely bringing up the rear. It was lovely to see PNYC’s 12 boats in line astern racing across an empty Falmouth Bay. Along the way we had pretty much every kind of weather except snow.

Cicada bravely bringing up the rear

A huge thanks to all the crews who took part with great humour and patience, particularly at the start.  And massive thanks to Iain McLaren for providing the vital support boats and his time and support – couldn’t have done it without him.  Finally thanks to Rob Templeton, our PNYC Race Captain, whose enthusiasm knows no bounds, unlike his boat! We have learnt a lot for next time – like make sure we have a working committee boat and make sure we actually have a radio on board!

The race was followed by a cracking night at PNYC Bar and Restaurant.  A lovely set meal from Mike, a maritime based quiz (which was won by Jonathan Thornton and TeamCalico) and a bit of a lock in at the end.  And not a mask in sight!  Team Cicada and Mormendill finally left at 12.45, Cicada to bravely spend the night on their boat at the end of the pontoon. After locking up, Ant and I set off home, only to run out of petrol at High Cross Garage followed by an hour’s walk to get home. Crisis number 3. Perfect day. 


Sprat Class Winner on handicap: Marty Ritchie skippered by Don Garman

Pilchard Class Winner on handicap: Mirri skippered by Roger McDonald

Mackerel Class Winner on handicap: Sea Otter skippered by Andy Cooke

Overall Winner (and only boat to sail the entire course): Dragun skippered by Charles Richardson.

Sprat Class: Cicada, Rob Templeton; Dragun, Charles Richardson; Mystery, Andy Bennett; Marty Ritchie, Don Garman.  Pilchard ClassGuinevere, Paul Clark; Mirri, Roger McDonald; Calico, Jonathan Thornton; Katie, Angus MacArthur.  Mackerel Class: Mormendill, Phil Clark; Yamanja, David Tippett; Sea Otter, Andy Cooke; Lindy, Keith Wilkinson. 

05 Oct


The end of the Summer season is here at the end of this month.  In the last newsletter I asked that you let me know if you want a Winter mooring and, if possible, if you want the same mooring for next summer.  Many have let me know – thank you – but if you are reading this and haven’t, could you drop me an email – admin@pnyc.co.uk.  We have a waiting list for all types of moorings next summer and it would be useful to know if anyone doesn’t want a mooring.  

I will be sending out mooring forms for next Summer in early January.  You can also download them on the website – go to the moorings page.  

05 Oct


Over the next couple of weeks we will be re-decorating the inside of the club. New cushions have been ordered for all the benches and stools and we will be re-painting the restaurant area (as opposed to the bar area).  We also plan to replace the old dining room carpet with a wooden floor but lorry delivery prices and availability are delaying this.   

08 Sep

The times they are a changin’

Autumn is nearly in full swing and, as happens at every summer’s end, there is a migration of staff away from their holiday jobs back to their places of study or even new places of work. So it is this week, and with some other stuff going on in the background, we are having to postpone opening the bar until 6pm each evening this weekend.

Should the weather be clement enough, we will run our bar snacks menu outside from 6pm as well.

The restaurant is fully booked on Thursday and Friday, with one table left on Saturday. Please leave your details on the club ansafone if you are interested and we will get back to you.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mike & Nigel